Dr. Cynthia Lane Comments on Pyramids Crossgates Proposed Development in Rare Inland Pinebush

Pyramids Crossgates has submitted its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for its project in rare Inland Pinebush ecosystem. The DEIS has been accepted by the lead agency, the Town of Guilderland. The Final Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared by July 10th.

In the meantime, we speak with Dr. Cynthia Lane, who holds a PhD in Conservation Biology with a focus in forestry and entymology. Dr. Lane discusses the DEIS prepared by Pyramid Crossgates, including “several weaknesses” and “red flags” in the study. We also talk about the allegedly illegal clearcutting performed by Pyramid Crossgates, and whether its too late to save that area as habitat for the endangered Karner blue butterfly that makes its home in the Pinebush.

More information, including the full DEIS and public comment for and against the project, can be found here:


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