Eviction defenders say Troy’s court priorities are backwards: “Housing is a human right!”

At a hearing on Monday morning, three of four members of the Troy Eviction Defense Coalition, nicknamed the “Ginsberg Four”, pled guilty to trespassing charges incurred during a protest of what they say was an illegal eviction of a young Black mother in Troy. These protestors also were slapped with an Order of Protection from the landlord involved with the case, Michael Ginsberg. Their attorney, Mark Mishler, caleld the Order of Protection “insulting.”

Troy 4 Black Lives held a press conference this morning at Troy City Court after the hearing. You will hear from Attorney Mark Mishler, members of the “Ginsberg Four”, and Kiani Conley-Wilson of Troy DSA.

Photo: Tyler McNeil

MediaSanctuary · Eviction defenders say Troy's court priorities are backwards: "Housing is a human right!"