Governor Cuomo’s Administration is Working Behind-the-Scenes to Gut the Norlite Bill

Lee Harris, reporter for NY Focus, discusses how Governor Cuomo’s administration is working to gut the Norlite Bill (S.7880B/A.9952B). The Norlite bill would prohibit the Norlite hazardous waste incinerator in Cohoes from incinerating AFFF and passed unanimously after the public learned the incinerator had secretly burned 2 million pounds of AFFF over a period of two years. The Cuomo administration is attempting to change the ban to a temporary moratorium.

There will be a Zoom Norlite Town Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7pm to discuss the Norlite bill with state legislators and stakeholders. To register, go to

Read Lee’s full article here:…ic-form-burning/

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