IDEAS For Us: Transitioning Toward Inclusive & Accessible Plant-Based Diets Through “Fleet Farming”

HMM producer Anna Steltenkamp speaks with Lee Perry, the Chief Operations Officer, and Clayton Louis Ferrara, the Executive Director, of the United Nations Accredited NGO, IDEAS For Us. IDEAS For Us is an Orlando-based grassroots non-profit organization that creates global environmental solutions within the 5 Pillars of Sustainability (Energy, Water, Food, Waste, & Ecology) through local action. Since 2008, IDEAS For Us has taken action in 30 countries worldwide.

This is the fourth segment in a multi-part dialogue with Lee Perry and Clayton Louis Ferrara. In this segment, Lee and Clayton continue their discussion about the program Fleet Farming. IDEAS For Us is the official parent-nonprofit of this effort, which is a nonprofit urban agriculture program that converts underutilized lawn space into productive micro-farms. Lee and Clayton address the increased interest in Fleet Farming amidst COVID-19, how Fleet Farming strives to be demographically inclusive, and the necessity of transitioning toward more plant-based diets.

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