Joseph Ritchie Reacts to DEC Study Announcement

On October 1st, Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner, Basil Seggos, announced the DEC’s plan to study soil and water in the area surrounding Norlite for possible contamination. A public meeting with the DEC to discuss their soil and water study as well as Norlite’s upcoming permit renewals will be held on October 21st from 6 to 8 pm. For more information on organizing surrounding Norlite, go to or find the group Lights Out Norlite on Facebook.

For more we speak with the executive director of Saratoga Sites Against Norlite Emissions, Joseph Ritchie. With HMM’s Alexis Goldsmith. (note: Ali Zaidi is the Deputy Secretary to Governor Cuomo for Energy and the Environment. )

Photo by Steve Pierce. Joe Ritchie standing in front of the Norlite Facility in June of 2020.

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