Messiah Rhodes Discusses His Film “Against All Odds”

Messiah Rhodes was separated from him parents at four years old and was homeless by sixteen. Soon thereafter he discovered a passion for writing and filmmaking. “Against All Odds” is a personal yet social story about recidivism and our criminal justice system’s effect on so many generations. It is also the story of women surviving this broken system and ways we can support them. Hudson Mohawk Magazine producer, Elizabeth Press, spoke to filmmaker Messiah Rhodes about his film “Against All Odds” and the forthcoming screening and panel discussion about incarceration and breaking the cycle.

Friday 11/20/20 7:00pm-9:00pm. Come to a screening of Messiah Rhodes film, “Against All Odds” and a panel, “Incarceration in the Pandemic: Break the Cycle” directly after the film.

MediaSanctuary · Messiah Rhodes talks about his film Against All Odds