Nora Boyd, “Deeper Than Consensus” – Siena Climate Series

Dr. Nora Boyd’s “Deeper than Consensus,” the first of seven seminars in Siena’s Climate Series, was held on January 30, 2020 in the Key Auditorium of Roger Bacon Hall.

In the first two sections of her talk, Dr. Boyd heavily cites the following two references, which are works by other philosophers:

Lloyd, Elisabeth A. 2012. “The role of ‘complex’ empiricism in the debates about satellite data and climate models”. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 43(2): 390-401.

Winsberg, Eric. 2018. Philosophy and Climate Science. Cambridge University Press.

Her comment about “vegetarian overlords” came from a RealClimate blog post.

More information on the Siena Climate Series can be found here.