Proposed BioHiTech Solid Waste Facility Moving Forward Despite Moratorium, No SEQRA Review

A new solid waste facility proposed by the international firm BioHiTech is planning to move ahead in the City of Renssealer, despite a moratorium in the county.

The BioHiTech facility would bring 26 garbage trucks per day carrying solid waste to the old BASF site, located directly on the Hudson River. The waste would be dumped inside a large building, where BioHiTech intends to remove paper and plastic and shred it into a confetti-like material, to be burned at an unidentified cement plant in Pennsylvania. There is also the possiblilty that rather than trucking it to to Pennsylvania, the material could be sent across the Hudson River to the Lafarge cement plant in Ravena, NY. The non paper and non plastic material would be trucked to a landfill.

The BioHiTech project received a negative declaration from the lead agency, the City of Rensselaer, in 2019. The negative declaration allows the BioHiTech project to go forward without a comprehensive State Environmental Quality Review, though the project is located directly on the Hudson River on top of an existing hazardous waste landfill from the former BASF facility. The site is approximately .5 miles from the Rensselaer Housing Authority.

Throughout this interview you will hear references to the “cap” which means the cap on the BASF hazardous waste landfill. The project would also increase truck traffic by more than fifty trucks per day on route 20. In this interview you will hear representatives of BioHiTech, including:

Dennis Soriano – Birector of Business Development at Biohitech

Emily Dyson – Director of Science Research and Development; overall operating manager for the West Virginia BioHiTech facility.

John Montagne of Greenman Peterson Engineering, the consulting engineers hired by Rensselaer Planning Board to do technical review of the project

Tom West – BioHiTech attorney

with HMM’s Alexis Goldsmith.

You can submit a comment on the environmental justice portion of this project until June 19th. Email Kate Kornak at [email protected]

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