Reclaiming History- Chas G Burch- Plumbing For Older Homes

In this segment of Reclaiming History, Lovonia Mallory interviews 5th generation owner of Chas G. Burch Supply Co. A plumbing supply company, specializing in restoration of original plumbing and meeting their customers plumbing needs.
According the their website, “In 1890, Delosse Williams founded Deloose Williams’ Plumbing in Schenectady NY. In 1906, Charles Gilbert Burch joined the company as a plumbing apprentice. In 1927, Delosse Williams sold her shares to Charles G. Burch in 1928 forming Chas. G. Burch Supply Co. His only child, Jeannette B. Craft-Burch and her husband (John Craft) led the company through the next several decades. His grandson, Charles G. Craft, is the fifth generation to own and operate one of the oldest companies in the City of Schenectady, NY.”
(Accessed 10-2-2020

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