Reclaiming History: Climate Change Town Hall, Colonie, NY

At the Climate Change Town Hall, moderated by Assemblymen Phil Steck of Colonie, NY, members of an expert panel responded to a question about the fossil fuel subsidy. Panel members were Mark Bagdon, Dr. Cuicui Che Ph.D., Judith Enck, and Tobias Hess.
Video curtesy of “Fossil fuel subsidies: G20 spends billions to push us closer to climate disaster”- November 2015 A new report reveals that G20 governments have broken their climate promises, spending $444 billion each year to support fossil fuel production. (Accessed 5-19-2019…er-climate-disaster)
Music courtesy of CLIMATE & ENERGY These composers put climate change across the globe to music By Liz Core on May 11, 2015 Music Audio ( Accessed 5-19-2019…-the-globe-to-music/). The co-composers, undergraduate Daniel Crawford and geography professor Scott St. George composed song using climate data to write “Planetary Bands, Warming World,” performed by University of Minnesota school of music .