The Sound That Changed Music

The instrumental gospel/jazz genre is blessed with talent and a timbre that is generating attention nationwide. This segment with Hudson Mohawk Magazine host Lovonia Mallory features interviews with organists Jimmie Smith and Steven Eaklor.

Jimmie Smith, native of Buffalo, NY, is a composer and songwriter. His “Live In Music City: Jimmie Smith Plays Jimmy Smith” is proving to be an example of multi-faceted gifting, diligence and persistence.

Steven Eaklor is one of the most versatile and accomplished concert and recording organists in the world. For 15 years he served as Hammond’s Director of Product Planning and Development. His ideas and innovations continue to be found throughout the Hammond/Leslie product line. Steven taught at National Gospel Music Seminars and Clinics for the Hammond Organ Company, tours with the R&B group “August” and The Ron Porter Trio.