Reclaiming History: Michele Galvin on Harriet Tubman (pt.3 final)

In this 3nd installment of Reclaiming History: Michele Galvin and Harriet Tubman, Lovonia Mallory continues her interview with Michele Jones Galvin co-author of Beyond the Underground: Aunt Harriet, Moses of Her People. The book co- authored with Michele’s mother Joyce Stokes Jones. For the first time, the descendants of Harriet Tubman tell the story of the famed abolitionist within the context of their family lineage. This creative nonfiction work is an intricate mix of family lore, memoir and historical reconstruction.
In this installment Ms. Galvin talks about Harriet Tubman’s defining decision to run away and leave all her family members behind. Like many run away slaves the threat of being sold away from love ones was a brutal reality of American slavery. The book Beyond the Underground: Aunt Harriet, Moses of Her People can be purchased at Visit the website today for this thrilling book.

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