Seeding Sovereignty: An Indigenous-Led Effort to Transform the Colonial-Capitalist Farming Industry

HMM producer Anna Steltenkamp speaks with Janet MacGillivray, the Founder and Executive Director of Seeding Sovereignty. Seeding Sovereignty is a multi-generational, Indigenous womxn-led collective that works to decolonize social and environmental paradigms.

This is the third segment in a multi-part dialogue with Janet MacGillivray. In this segment, Janet speaks specifically about Seeding Sovereignty’s Land Resilience Project. She addresses how the profit-driven, industrial agriculture system is detrimental to environments, communities, and the workers within the industry—and she emphasizes how COVID-19 has exacerbated these negative consequences. Further, she explains her vision for a regenerative food system and how Indigenous ecological knowledge and land practices are essential for this transformation.

Photograph taken prior to COVID-19.

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