Seeding Sovereignty: The Importance of Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Multi-Generational Stewardship

HMM producer Anna Steltenkamp speaks with Janet MacGillivray, the Founder and Executive Director of Seeding Sovereignty. Seeding Sovereignty is a multi-generational, Indigenous womxn-led collective that works to decolonize social and environmental paradigms.

This is the second segment in a multi-part dialogue with Janet MacGillivray. In this segment, Janet speaks about the importance of Seeding Sovereignty’s multi-generational approach and elaborates on how Indigenous practices are in synchronicity with the land. Further, she addresses how COVID-19 has exposed systems of racism, economic oppression, and speciesism present within our society—and the necessity of seeking alternatives that are informed by nature and by a regenerative philosophy.

Photograph taken prior to COVID-19.

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