Single Payer & COVID-19 pt. 2

Part 1

In part two of a series on “Single Payer & COVID-19,” Rachel Madley explains how the US response to COVID-19 could be improved with a single payer health care system, as proposed by the New York Health Act. This segment ends with the poem, “But How Will We Pay for it”.

Rachel Madley’s presentation was part of “COVID-19 Escalates Demands for System Change,” a virtual town hall held by Physicians for a National Health Program-NY Metro and the Campaign for NY Health. The town hall can be viewed in full at

Rachel is a fourth year biomedical research PhD student at Colombia and a student fellow with the PNHP-NY metro chapter. She has written multiple articles, including in the New York Times, about how Medicare for All would benefit patients, providers, and medical researchers.

The “Single Payer & COVID-19” series is being produced by HMM correspondent Spencer.