Troy Planning Committee to review rezoning of culturally significant riverfront parcel in Langsingburgh

At 6pm on Thursday August 27th, the Troy City Planning Committee will review a requested rezoning of a culturally significant riverfront parcel of land. Developer Kevin Vandenburgh is requesting a rezoning of the last riverfront forest in Troy for the purpose of building a multi-unit apartment complex. Jessica Bennett of Friends of the Mahicannituck joined HMM’s Alexis Goldsmith to discuss the parcel, located at 1011 2nd Ave. To register for the Planning Committee meeting, go to…l/agenda-minutes/ (scroll down to the August 27th meeting and select “Register for August 27 Planning Meeting”). You must register by 3pm on August 27th.

MediaSanctuary · Troy Planning Committee to review rezoning riverfront parcel in Langsingburgh