HMM 2019 Year End Special: “Women in STEM”

This year end special of the Hudson Mohawk Magazine consists of five segments from Sophia Cahillane’s Women in STEM series. They are the ones which she thought were most representative of the group.

We will hear a segment with Kristen Corbosiero, who studies Atmospheric and Environmental Science.

We’ll talk to Sibel Adali, who researches in Computer Science.

We’ll hear Cecilia Levy, who teaches in physics as an Astroparticle Physicist.

We will talk to Emilly Obuya about her work in Chemistry.

You will hear the segment with Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

Each of these interviews addresses the science background of the guest as well as their experiences with being a woman in their field. Visit…radio-bucket/ to see all the other segments in the series.