Event Recap

Sanctuary Youth MEDIA Club | Troy Prep High School | Fall 2019

MEDIA club

Hello everyone! There were seven of us who joined this club in fall 2019 and we discussed topics within our community through multiple radio interviews. Our names are Aaron Pinder, Keimesha Kelly, Chris Timbaland, Madison Cora, Cederic Wilson Decent, Jamari Patterson, and Breanna Whiteback. Over the past ten weeks, each of us have interviewed or been interviewed on a specific topic we were interested in exploring. We also welcomed a special guest, Fire Chief Eric McMahon! Some subjects that caught our interest were drama with social media and in school, the LGBTQ+ community and conflicts, and the current political situation. But don’t take our word for it, look below!
Chris interviews Troy Fire Chief Eric McMahon:

Breanna interviews Keimesha on Blackfishing:

Jamari Interviews Chris on LGBTQ+:

Keimesha Interviews Breanna on LGBTQ+:

Cedric Interviewing Erika on LGBTQ+:

Chris interviews Jamari about Pres. Trump:

Breanna interviews Chris about his dream job:

Madison interviews Sheila about her Ideal Career:

Aaron Interviews Erika about Drama:

Chris Interviews Aaron about Immigration: