News Workshop Report

Tech Valley HS Tuesday March 29th

“Today was a shooting day- The kids are motivated and self-directed and scattered themselves around the school to shoot their various scenes. We only have two mic cables, so sound is a huge bottleneck for us currently. I’m looking forward to seeing their works in progress next week!” -Edward Coolidge, Tech Valley High School Student: “At the beginning of class we had planned to record a scene where the main character is caught texting in class and is sent to do community service, but things didn’t go as smoothly as we had planned. Somebody in the class must have lost the cord so that we can hook the camera and the mic up to the camera for audio usage, as far as I know it was not located, but we did get the scene done without audio. We had some trouble finding who would portray the teacher who catches the MC, but it was not a problem seeing as a teacher happened to have a few spare moments. At the end of class we ended up shooting a scene where the MC is pushed in the hallway and ignored because he is suspected of being homosexual.” Student: “Today we accomplished 3 interviews using the conference room. We used the Vixia camera, and came to an understanding of kind of environment we need for good sound quality.”

“My laptop is obsolete. I wonder what happened to obsolete technology. This does not soothe my ‘technophobia’. Oh yeah, training. No bells, but plenty of whistles as the students chug along. ‘toot toot’!” -Adam Haberstro, Boys and Girls Club

“The deadline is quickly approaching and the production is tight. There is a comfort level that increases the more you use equipment. By now, each member of each group has been in contact with the cameras and lighting hardware and are seemingly comfortable with the basic functions. This may be a generational thing, as I have noticed that individuals at this age range are not fearful of technology due to the undo function on almost all electronic products they encounter.

Some students are beginning to edit as they shoot. This is a great real-world practice that has spontaneously happened without advisement. It seems that these students are tapped into the process and naturally finding techniques that in the past, have needed some sort of confirmation or instruction through rigorous trial and error or by some other means.” –Timothy A. Mahr, Sanctuary for Independent Media.