The Missing Link Street Ministry

ThMissing Link Street Ministry has involved itself in many ways with the Sanctuary for Independent Media. Located directly across the street from The Sanctuary, they started several years ago to address the rampant drug use and pervasive violence in the community. The “Missing Link” has a vision of helping others and giving those a voice who have experienced any type of rejection, denial, love in the form of abuse, silence, sexual abuse, or any other form of social, religious, physical or mental deprivation that needs a real encounter with a “listening each and caring, loving heart” to receive it. 


The Missing Link Street Ministry has a vision, that they go into the world preaching and teaching the Word Of God to those, specifically around this community, that are lost in whatever struggles that are holding them down, to develop community awareness and support to ex-offenders to help them make new and positive decisions in their communities. The ministry’s programs include Feed-a Kid, Gun Buy Back, Clean-up the Neighborhood, Anti-Violence Campaign, and a host of after-school arts & crafts and sports activities.