Happening now

We miss you. If you miss us and aren’t already involved, please consider joining in some of the Sanctuary’s ongoing activities. We are so grateful to be able to continue this work while minimizing the risk of Coronavirus exposure.

The Sanctuary’s community radio, youth education, urban gardens, environmental activism, artistic expression—all of it—is evolving. With your help we can continue to build community and resilience. 

NATURE Lab’s Health Autonomy Clinic

The newest of Sanctuary initiatives has been empowering our community to take our health into our own hands since this past summer. Suddenly the Health Autonomy Clinic has taken on more significance. On Tuesday, April 7 we hosted the first in a series of virtual workshops, “Health Autonomy + Community Support in the Time of COVID-19:”


Email [email protected] with feedback, and check out this list of valuable links and tips: Health Autonomy Clinic COVID-19 Resources.

Media Club

Our weekly collaboration with Troy Prep students hasn’t missed a beat. High schoolers are growing more skillful in their recording, interviewing and editing skills as they cover how COVID is affecting them and their families. 


Collard City Growers

While the Sanctuary is closed to the public, Collard City Growers is beginning to burst with life. In lieu of work parties and open garden hours, we’re asking gardeners to schedule some time in the garden so we can all work at a safe distance. Click here to sign up!

And more is percolating! Stay tuned…