Thursday July 10th. North Troy Youth Change Makers- What we did today!

To see a video of the QR Code Workshop click here!

* “What Does Environmental Justice Mean To You?” The group responded by saying they would like to see more trash cans around to control the littering, more gardens available so people can eat their own home grown food, better filtered water, different ways to power cars besides oil, use less fossil fumes, recycle, shop at thrift store, clean the Hudson River to make it swimmable. Yuri Gorby said he would like the voices of youth to be heard on a larger scale to help the environment. 



-Chemical Rain: Dr. Yuri Gorby shows a powerpoint presentation about Rainwater Monitoring. What is in the rain-acid rain, nuclear rain, chemical rain. Yori Gorby test the contamination of rain by catching the rain on special plates that have growth nutrient jelly on them which will allow organisms and bacteria to grow. The amount of bacteria growth on the plates shows how contaminated the rain is. 


-The group picks out the most interesting fact about the rain water to write on an index card to add to our collective word bank. 



*Task hour activity: The Uptown Summer group breaks up to tackle Sanctuary maintenance- cleaning the foyer, moving the chairs to the proper location, weeding the L lot, organizing the carriage house, and helping prep lunch.



*Lunch today is eggplant lasagna by Josh Colotto (chef at Fin Bar) and Watermelon



*QR code workshop with LoVid: The group goes on a scavenger hunt to find black and white objects to create their own QR code (quick response code or bar code). The “Found Art Objects” are organized by color. Next they take a picture of the objects to Photoshop them into squares that will be rearranged into a QR code. A QR code is generated by black modules on a white grid.

-The group decides on the link they want their QR code to go to by brainstorming ideas about environmental justice and stories that need to be told such as youth made changes in the neighborhood. The scannable QR code goes to only one unique link. 



*The group gets together to help grow Collard City Growers garden which is right down the street from the Sanctuary! This passed Tuesday, they learned all the different techniques for  garden maintenance with Abby Lublin.  


*To end the day: Everyone opens their note books to jot down their thoughts of the day: QR codes, rotten rain, walking around and looking for objects, and lasagna. They also sign up for their tomorrow’s duties for the Debo Band performance to celebrate the launch of Uptown Summer. 


*Home Work-Change Makers: Ghandi, Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Niccolo Machiaella, Emelia Earheart, Maya Angelou- Pick a Change Maker that is like one of the people that we listed who is not as famous but has made significant changes and write a quote down by that person.