Thursday July 17th “Who am I to judge?” – Pope Francis

The Youth Change Makers had a conversation about thinking deeply and interpreting different meanings for things. We thought about ways to broaden our horizons and helping others think more in depth about common subjects such as trash and pollution. “For Every Action there is a Reaction” Everyone and everything is connected. People to environment, animals to material, plants to insects. We all exist in the world together and have huge impacts on the outcome of the environment (“Domino Effect”). 



-Rob Brill, journalist and newspaper editor from The Times Union, leads a discussion with the Youth Change Makers about how to tell a story. They begin by telling their own story about what they do at The Sanctuary for Independent Media and for environmental justice in the community. Each person shares a topic of interest they would like to inform others about. Some of these concerns were trash, change, water, gardens, and pollution. The group writes a two sentence proposal, starting with one word, about something they want to witness, study, and investigate. Rob explains that the key to writing a story is the way it can be told so people can understand it and make connections to it. 


*CLICK HERE to see two of our talented youth change makers impromptu musical performance during the journalism workshop!


-Rob explains that the key to journalism is to find the “money quote”. the money quote is when you interview someone and they say exactly what it is that you are writing your story about. It puts a face on the story. Having a verbalized attribution is a form of verifying truth to a topic. 



*Lunch today was by chef Josh Colotto. He made vegetarian empanadas made with all locally grown vegetables: potatoes, onions, and broccoli. 



*After lunch the Youth Change Makers painted on the front facade inspirational quotes that they picked out. They documented each other painting, speaking about our actives, and learning different ways to operate DSLR cameras. 


Life is a hallway with a million open doors, don’t limit yourself!!!