TJ: The next great film producer

I first met TJ in September of this year. He was shy at first, but I heard great things about him. TJ is from North Troy and goes to one of the local middle schools. Branda told me TJ is an amazing filmer and fast learner. He helped filmed events including Peacestock, Story Harvest, and “The Yes Men Are Revolting!”

Branda Miller is teaching TJ about filming and editing. He is always at the Sanctuary for Independent Media learning about editing whenever I am there interning. TJ is a talented kid with a portfolio that is impressive for his age. He has blossomed and is continuing to grow. For example, the Sanctuary for Independent Media recieved an award from the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region. TJ actually spoke during the event. He is an example of the positive impact the Sanctuary for Independent Media has on residents of North Troy.