News Reflections

Today's Happenings

My first day as a sanctuary ninja went well. The energy was vibrant all day and everyone was here for one reason: Productivity. The day started with viewing YouTube videos on the mediasanctuary page giving me a quick review of the mission and what kind of events are hosted. We also viewed Jacob’s short animation sketch as he began to work on our new logo. I quickly jumped to the social media aspects of our efforts.

As I began to revamp all of our social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook I realized I was missing something. Pictures! Thanks to Branda we were able to use a high quality Canon T5i to gain profile pictures for me and my fellow interns. Branda, Susan, Rebekka, Calvin, Jacob, Norman and I were all photographed. (About Us>Photos>Uptown Summer ’14>Sanctuary Interns 14)

After photos were taken and much more content was produced it was lunch time. We gathered in our brand new outdoor patio around the large lunch table. We enjoyed baked ziti, rice&beans, bread+hummus, chocolate cake and some high quality H20. 

After lunch time it was back to the grindstone. I gathered photographs from around the Sanctuary and proceeded to post them to the Instagram account. After doing this I then made us a Tumblr account where I followed many of the same Twitter people, linked our Instagram feed, and chose a theme that is convenient for people to follow. 

Today May 21st was my first day at the Sanctuary and I am moving right along. If every day is as productive as this one was we will be the top Independent Media Source in no time !


In unity,