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Traveling 'Purple Hearts' exhibit honors Iraq war veterans – Times Union article

“Purple Hearts,” a series of portraits by photojournalist Nina Berman, documents the return of 17 Army soldiers and Marines wounded in the Iraq war. “Youths tend to get wrong impression from video games, TV shows and movies that tend to romanticize and glorify combat,” said Bob Alft.

Sanctuary volunteer Bob Alft has made a personal commitment to get Nina Berman’s “Purple Hearts” photographs, exhibited at the Sanctuary in Fall ’09, to schools and community organizations across the region.

Congrats to Bob, for arranging to have an exhibit at a local high school, and for getting an article written in the Times Union!

Check out this article in the Times Union: ‘Purple Hearts’ exhibit honors Iraq war veterans

“It’s great to see this important work have a life in the Capital Region, beyond our gallery show.  These are powerful and moving images that reflect and create an important debate about the role of military in society and recruiters in our schools,” says Steve Pierce, Executive Director, Media Alliance at The Sanctuary for Independent Media.