News Workshop Report

Tuesday July 22nd *Archaeological Dig* Week 3

*Financial Fitness: Morning ice breaker- Smart financing. We learn different methods of budgeting and being ‘smart’ with money. How to save, plan, borrow, and earning capability*



*Environmental mapping at the L-Lot: Oliver Kellhammer, Canadian bio-artist, in collaboration with NATURE Lab Project Coordinator Kathy High, will create a “botanical intervention” in the long devastated toxic soil of the “L-Lot,” at 5 Glen Ave. between 6th Ave. and River Street in North Troy. One block away from Lock One (Federal Lock) of the Erie Canal, we’ll map the biology, history and current identity of a place, in this creative “Bio-Art in an Industrial Wasteland” workshop. 


*Archaeological Dig: Digging down layers into the ground finding objects and analyzing where the objects are from or who they are from. Then from the artifacts a mini-museum is created. 


*The Youth Change Makers ended the day with a water fight. Much needed to beat the heat.