Tuesday July 8th Uptown Summer: Reflections and summary of what we did today

*Mapped our community: Everyone had their own camera and walked around the town and took pictures of their homes. Then later they chose their favorite photo they took so it will become a print to needle point it on a tee shirt (Be creative tee shirt making!). The group felt the project was very personal and a good chance to map their community. This is the beginning of their scrapbooks-favorite photos of their homes. These scrapbooks will grow and evolve over the next 20 days.


*Yard to table lunches: Make something out of what you already have. Try new foods!


*Learned gardening with Abby at Collard City Garden


*DIY found objects; Project #1-‘Reusable bags out of old tee shirts’. We will use the new bags we just made from recycled tee shirts to collect and find objects for “The Found Art Project”. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will go on a tour of the neighborhood and listen to a historian talk about the community’s history in the 1800’s. During the tour, we will be collecting the materials to make art!


*Discussion-Change maker project: We brain stormed ideas to start making changes: ex) Get groups that are already together in the neighborhood to get to know each other by collaborating with other groups. Such as groups like basketball players that already exist and have common interest to get together with other groups that have common interest.

 -One thing to change about the environment: Less roads, Make river clean for swimming and fishing, More gardens for food, More trash cans, Pollution control, Less use of technology,  Less forclosed homes,  Plant trees, Stop using pesticides. 

*Personality test “Change Makers”: Are you a Communicator, Networker, Builder, Investigator, Informer, or Resister? How do these types of personalities and characteristics create the change we need to make. Also, what did we learn about ourselves as change makers?


learning our change maker status

touring the grounds

the challenge was it was too hot to walk

enjoyed meeting everyone

a challenge was some technical issues like learning to upload photos

making the reusable bags

the personality test was fun and learning something about yourself

everyone enjoyed meeting new people and being around each other

engaging in the camera and giving their opinions about being a change maker

a good thing was gardening

line up amazing creative energies and having it be a real wonderful thing

a big challenge is figuring out change maker powers and pulling off something by the next 20 days and help making choices about what you like and don’t like

a challenge is being shy

listening to everyones point of views and ideas

how your environment effects your feelings and ideas