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Tuesdays at the Sanctuary

I am volunteering in a local community to offer support in any way I can. Today  I came in to the wonderful smell of vegetable soup cooking!  One thing about this place there is always food, and good company.  The group is looking to create a community cookbook, and last week everyone tried their own spicing with mashed potatoes.  Today veggie soup.  We want to focus on healthy food, and nutrition education.  This community also has urban gardens, and a veggie mobile that visits with fresh produce from the community gardens of Troy, NY.  I deceided to bring my German heritage in as they wanted to have a fun name for the vegetable soup.  So  “Gemuse Suppe”.  I am so happy when I am here!  There is so much positive energy and love in this place.  The whole idea is to create a great and green environment.  

I found my way to the Sanctuary over the summer when I was looking for a place to host a peace festival.  Branda and Steve offered me “Freedom Square”.  I have been volunteering ever since. It is an amazing place to be part of.  The sense of community is so much bigger than I have experienced in a long time, and the ability to feel like you have things to offer no matter what!!

I will be blogging every Tuesday, and maybe more often to bring what wonderful things are here to you!