News Workshop Report

TVHS 1st Cut and Rough Sequence Edit Viewing 4/5/11

Today was a great day of watching clips and giving feedback. We had some great discussions. Branda really helped our kids today with a wide array of production tips… We talked about camera moves, sound, Lighting, costumes, and cutaways. Some of our kids have already incorporated text- I was impressed and moved by their maturity- they didn’t feel the need to “wow” us with special effects, they used the text in an understated and effective way to communicate the mood for their film. (Coolidge)

Watching the Student Videos this morning gave all of us the opportunity to learn about production while reviewing each other’s work. The Students have done an amazing amount of work in a short time. Now, they really will have to sculpt their idea with camera and sound. I am looking forward to seeing the next versions. (Jetter)

Reviewing footage periodically in front of peers can be a great change of perspective for the filmmaker. To watch your own edits and frames on the ‘big screen’ could encourage you to reconsider filming techniques and explore new ones that you might not have thought of prior. It goes without saying, that this practice is also a great way to hear feedback and early critique, which always helps in the developmental phases. (Timothy)

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