News Workshop Report

TVHS 3-31-2011

Today was a crazy shooting day! Our kids are self-directed, they scattered in all directions to make their videos, finding each empty office, every nook and cranny of our school where we might use for interviews or B-roll shots. It was Chaotic and productive again. Only problem was, we do not have enough cameras that have external Mic in- that is our current bottleneck. The kids are getting some great footage, however….

Today we recorded two scenes, one scene where the MC is in the bathroom doing a monologue about his denying the fact that he might be gay. The second scene of the day, we shot the scene where the MC and his friend, Nick, miss the bus and end up walking home together. There were times where we had difficulty doing scenes because of how certain individuals wanted them to be shot. This may or may not be an issue because I think I get along with my group enough for this not to blow up into a huge conflict. It seems my group in progressing smoothly, taking at lest 2 scenes a class and at lest one out of class every class day.

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