TVHS Beginning Production 3/22/11

“Today we started with a quick sound workshop, than moved on to start shooting or creating a shooting script. We hit the wall of logistics today- (which spaces are available, where should the lights be, which group gets which equipment, etc) but made it through OK- all groups made progress.  the reality of shooting is helping some groups simplify their projects a bit.”

Any filmmaker from novice to pro might agree that proper audio recording practice is essential to filmmaking and thus the basis for today’s audio recording workshop.  A 5-minute tutorial on basic practices and rules of thumb could improve the quality output of any beginning project.  This point was driven home while I engaged the students in a lecture style workshop.”

“There was a great amount of production and progress today.  Kayla, the director of one of the groups began shooting and finished her first interview for her vox pop sequence in her film.  Other groups were tentative and kept engaged with script and story boarding.”

“The reality of creating a documentary was at the heart of today’s work. Shooting, sound, interviewing and scripting. Each group was working hard to move their project forward. Very exciting and technical too!”


“The class definitely made strides in their projects- it was exciting to see the students start filming and playing with sound/ audio equipment. [talked] about B-live filming with Katherine, sound tips from Tim , Ed had me using the boom mic.”


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