News Workshop Report

TVHS Lighting and Production workshop 3/17/2011

“A few of the groups had the opportunity to participate in a bare bones lighting workshop.  Other groups opted for the natural light approach to documentary filmmaking, but will participate in a workshop next week. “

“Though this intro to production exercise was designed to be shot without script or storyboard, the students all made the best of their time in shooting and setting up their scenes so they could most effectively move on to the editing process.”

“Playing with the equipment was awesome. Great Energy from the students. Definitley learned from Tim’s Experience with Lighting effects. Got my first modelling gig, [for lighting the studio] hopefully my last. Exciting!!!”


“Today was a shooting day- the kids shot wide and close shots of each other w/o sound. We noticed how quickly the period went by- only one group got to sue the lights, but everyone took their shots. Cory has already figured out the basics of premiere, and is teaching it to other kids!”