News Workshop Report

TVHS a Production Free-For-All 3/24/11

“Today was a chaotic and awesome productive shooting day. Keeping track of the class as a teacher is like herding cats! It was a fun, energy filled talkative day, with logistical and tech problems encountered and solved, lots of successful interviews!” –Edward Coolidge, Art Instructor, Tech Valley High School


“Focus. Great Focus.  It was light and tight in the Tech Support Room, where some groups were using it for a recording studio.  We passed on the Boom mic and the make shift studio from the Over-reactive Tendencies project group to the Oblivious project group.  Nice to see the students owning their projects!” –Adam Haberstro, Peer Counselor, Boys and Girls Club, South Rensselaer Branch


“When engaged in a project, one generally finds that the technical issues vary from bad signals due to bend wires, to finding that there are no batteries to power the equipment.  Overcoming these issues and stabilizing the production process over time is what makes a great filmmaker.  The fact that we’re faced with creating 5 separate projects literally means 5 times the technical issues.


The students are great with independently learning the hardware.  And those who are able, help teach the others in order to catch them up with tips and tricks.  Working inter-dependant among a group of groups is the quality I embrace in a team of documentarians and I’m happy to say that I am seeing this element quickly and organically developing here at Tech Valley.” –Timothy A. Mahr, Teaching Assistant and Engineer


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