News Workshop Report

TVHS Video Class 3/15/2011

“TvFilm Producer, Brandon Bethmann, reviews pitches and treatments presented by Tech Valley High School Students.”

“The pitches are well thought out and where delivered with confidence.  The once in a lifetime opportunity these students are being offered is very much appreciated and it shows by the enthusiasm and the energy experienced in the classroom.” 

“To pitch to a television producer at the age of 15 would have been a dream come true for me.  But after watching these kids in action, anything I could have produced at their age couldn’t hold a candle to the hard hitting and insightful topics and storyboards these students have produced.”

“Brandon’s visit to the class really showcased how much work the students have done in pre-production story development.  His feedback, which prompted them to think about more details and the possible challenges they might face during production, should stregthen their work. Exciting to think about going to WMHT studios in May and TvFilm interviews.”

“Today we had Brandon Bethman from WMHT’s TvFilm- the kids gave their pitch/treatment to Brandon…I noticed that they have developed their ideas and grounded them over the last few weeks- I think we are almost ready to shoot!”

“It was great having Brandon Bethman, producer of TvFilm. He affirmed the vital importance of early idea development, and complex, creative conceptualizing of their work. They are ready to move forward into production!”