Uptown Summer 14 Nutritious Lunch Program

Support healthy, local and sustainable communities!  

“We are proud of our chefs, who have committed to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for these kids, each of the 20 days,” beckons Lecco Morris, Executive Director of Chefs’ Consortium.”With the participation of chefs who care about their local community’s health and vitality we can make a real difference in the region we call home.” 

Special thanks to Honest Weight Food Co-Op for their contribution alongside Chef’s Consortium especially the gleaned fruit used to make smoothies!

Sponsored by Chefs’ Consortium and Unity House, with support from countless community volunteers who love to cook and share healthy food!

  • Tuesdays: Azuré & Christian, CAC Woodside Hosts and Caretakers 

    Using food and plants as their primary media, they aim to teach people how to regenerate their inherent right to live simply and helpfully. Special thanks to Denison Farms for supporting the Tuesday lunch effort! 


  • 7/8 – ziti made with sunflower seeds




  • 7/15 – Zucchini casserole, cucumber carrot top tzatziki yogurt and pita, spicy Korean cucumbers, zeke zuke bread, and carrot spice muffins.


  • 7/29 –Today’s lunch was homemade pizza with fresh salad
  • 8/5 – carrot bread, greek salad, carrot soup, and pasta salad
  • Wednesdays: Jackie Baldwin, Chef, RPI

7/16Grilled chicken with olive oil, fresh corn on the cob served with a variety of butters, and fresh strawberries with chocolate sauce

7/30 – eggplant parmesan with ingredients from a local farm and her personal garden.  Thanks for the hook-up, Chef’s Consortium!

  • Thursdays: Josh Coletto, Chef, Finbars, Troy
  • 7/10 – Eggplant lasagna with green beans 
  • 7/17 – vegetarian empanadas made with all locally grown vegetables: potatoes, onions, and broccoli.
  • 7/24 – 
  • 7/31 – Today’s lunch was pasta with some delicious homemade tomato sauce!
  • Fridays: Jillian Naveh, 9 Miles East Farm –

    Jillian Naveh is currently the chef at 9 Miles East Farm which offers a prepared meal CSA delivery program as well as delivers meals called Go Boxes to work places that are made with some of their own vegetables during the growing season. She has earned a degree in Culinary Arts Business Administration from SUNY Delhi. During her time there she was a committed member of the American Culinary Federation and cooked in over 15 competitions around the country and won multiple awards including the nationals for students in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. Other positions in the past include working for The Sylvia Center as a cooking teacher in project housing community centers for children in Brooklyn, the Department of Education where she worked on getting healthy local food into NYC public schools, and Capital District Community Garden as the outreach coordinator through Americorps. Since moving back to Troy she has been involved in community work through the Oakwood Soul Cafe participating by helping cook for its monthly dinners. 


  • 7/11 – Rice noodles with thai sauce with roasted beets and turnips. Also ciabatta with hummus and cucumber/zucchini slices

7/25 – pizza made on fresh bread with pesto

Check out news about Chefs’ Consortium amazing summer project! “Notes on Napkins: Eating and drinking in the Capital Region”,, and other websites feature Uptown Summer chefs project to aid North Troy Kids.

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? MORE INFO: Email Lecco Morris at [email protected], or call him at 518) 256-2070.

Call out to Capital Region chefs!

Hello! My name is Lecco Morris, and I am the executive director of the Chefs’ Consortium, a non-profit that educates communities about local food using our member-chefs to showcase the bounty of the greater Hudson Valley and Capital Region. We have a truly meaningful collaborative event I would like to invite you to become involved in that makes a tangible (and edible!) difference in the lives of the underserved children of North Troy.

The Sanctuary for Independent Media and the Unity House, two of the most vibrant organizations doing outreach work in the food desert of North Troy, are partnering with the Chefs’ Consortium for this year’s Uptown Summer, a five-week celebration of youth and sustainability, with each day of the week corresponding to a theme involving sustainability and health education. This is the fourth year of this program, and we hope to bring wider participation than ever before. Check out last year’s Uptown Summer Nutritious Lunch Program, and it was amazing!

From July 8 – August 8, each Tuesday – Friday, we will be serving lunch to the kids in the program – few of whom get decent meals on a regular basis. We are looking for chefs interested in doing outreach work to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for these kids each of the 20 days of Uptown Summer.

You’re invited to email me at [email protected] or call at (518) 256 –2070 to speak further about our Uptown Summer event, and about the work supporting healthy, local and sustainable initiatives the Consortium is doing all around the greater Hudson Valley. With the participation of chefs who care about their local community’s health and vitality we can make a real difference in the region we call home.

With excitement and high hopes –

Lecco Morris

Executive Director

Chefs’ Consortium