Uptown Summer 2018 Youth Radio Stories

Nicolena and Donovan: Justice for Dahmeek

Nicolena Russell and Donovan Wooten spoke with attorney Mark Mishler at the Justice for Dahmeek rally at the Troy Courthouse and shared their own thoughts on racist police violence. Recordings from the rally were also edited into radio clips by Uptown Summer mentor Patrick Quinn.


Najayah: Collard City Growers Garden and Kitchen Sanctuary

Najayah Jones spoke with Kitchen Sanctuary’s Jonathan Segol. They share their experiences harvesting and cooking with ultra-local food.





Angelo: Negligent landlords in Troy

Angelo Domingo put on an elaborate production, conducting multiple interviews, circulating an online survey, recording his thoughts, and editing his pieces. Read more about his process here.






Kai: Housing a family in Troy

Kai Griffin sat down with his mom Sanchez to recall their struggles with bad landlords, lead paint, and frequent moves.





Felicia: Contaminated Fish in the Hudson

After researching contaminants in the Hudson River, Felicia McConnell went into the field to collect stories about recreational fishing. She spent hours editing to produce this dynamic piece.





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Photos by Catie Rafferty.