Uptown Summer Week 2 Review

We began this week with a delicious start. The wonderful people at Vital Eats visited and made us some falafel and curly fries on the spot! So good!



After that, it was time to work on our stories!  We learned last week how to use our microphones and editing software, so it was really time to put that information to use and we were able to complete our first stories! 

unnamed 1


We also got to work on our next story ideas and are really digging into our journalistic sides to make these stories great!  Some of our ideas: the ecosystem of the Hudson River, the problem of homelessness in our community, race relations in schools, and the stories of local immigrants. We can’t wait to see which stories the youth employees of Uptown Summer choose and how they bring their unique perspective to these topics and the other ones they’re working on.


We were able to do all of this with the energy we got from some tasty food donated to us by Denison Farm, which we made into a zucchini cake!

IMG 0696


Sadly, Branda Miller and Kathy High couldn’t join us for the last day this week, but we got by with some help from the other awesome people at the Sanctuary! Steve Pierce talked to us about how to pitch ideas for a story using his experience from freelance journalism. 


This week went so well! We’re so excited to see how this summer continues.