Event Recap

Uptown Summer 2014: Environmental Justice for Our Local Community and Beyond

Uptown Summer participantUptown Summer is a 5-week series of arts and sustainability activities for young people in North Troy, NY. Now in its fourth year, this summer’s theme was: “Environmental Justice for Our Local Community and Beyond.” 


Join in a workshop! Help paint a mural on the Sanctuary facade, learn about permaculture as we strive to bio-remediate toxic soil, become part of the choir in a singing ritual to bees, and collaborate in “eco-actions!” For more info on how you can be involved in Uptown Summer workshops, check out each week’s listing below. 

Volunteer to support Uptown Summer! Whatever your expertise, we would deeply appreciate your help! Do you love food? You could bring snacks to our youth, or help serve and clean-up our lunches. Media expertise? You could photograph, videotape, or blog about the ongoing activities. Construction experience? You could assist with multiple projects around the block. Are you an artist or an art teacher? We could use help at our public arts tables on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Other suggestions on how you can be involved? Please contact Branda Miller <[email protected]>, or Kathy High <[email protected]> for further information.



With support from the Rensselaer County Summer Youth Employment Program, neighborhood teens come together with artists, educators and environmental experts, to explore identity and place, create art and green space, and build positive change in their community. 

Join artists including Brenda Ann Kenneally, Troy Alley Action, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, Oliver Kellhammer, Atif Akin, Brandon Ballengee and more, as they collaborate with community groups including Rensselaer County Historical Society, Troy Architecture Project, North Central Little League, Unity House and Chefs’ Consortium, in creative place-making workshops.

Urban gardeners, take note! Join Collard City Grower founder Abby Lublin on Tuesdays, and artist, farmer and permaculturist Rebekah Rice on Fridays! 

Artists and educators, join educator Renee Panetta each Tuesday afternoon (1-3pm), and Azure and Christian on Friday afternoons (1-3pm) at our public art tables!

NATURE Lab uses arts as a seed to reclaim public space and build community. Situated on a neglected block in Troy, NY, this living learning laboratory engages networks of artists and scientists, media makers and gardeners, community organizers and neighbors in collective actions stimulating environmental health and sustainability.

 Click here for a video on what Uptown Summer is all about!