Want to get more involved? Check out these Sanctuary work projects…


Ever thought about spending some of your free time helping out at the Sanctuary?  There are several projects underway for which we could use some hands!

1. Stage light and curtains

This Friday (3-25) from 11 AM through the afternoon, we’ll be installing stage curtain hardware and upgrading the lighting grid.  Wayne is leading the charge on this and can use some help.

2. Surplus equipment sale

There are a few items of used equipment we’re getting rid of that actually have some value (!) and for which an eBay listing might be worthwhile.  If you know or are interested in teaching yourself how to do this, it could be a big help de-cluttering and maybe even fundraising.

3. Archive database

We guessed wrong on the business prospects of the online database vendor we’ve been using to keep track of our media archive; they’re going out of business and we have only a few weeks to transfer the data to a different platform.  If you know something about relational databases, this could be a great way to help the Sanctuary–even from afar.

4. Tablecloth laundrification

If you have easy access to a washer/dryer and come to Sanctuary events regularly (or want to), we could use some help cleaning the tablecloths used for Sanctuary community meals and at the cafe.

5. Senior recycling management

Each week we generate a not-insignificant amount of material needing recycling, ranging from paper and cardboard to containers to electronics.  If solid waste management is a passion of yours, we could use your help!

Let me know if you have an interest in any of these areas or want more information.  It’s really just the tip of the iceberg!  As you know, the Sanctuary depends almost entirely on volunteer labor to run an ambitious event schedule, cafe, PR operation, merchandising, media education program, gallery, multimedia studio and the building itself.  There’s an almost endless variety of things that need doing, many not requiring much skill or time invested but all of which are critical to the overall success of what we’re doing.

Feel free to contact me with questions!

–Steve (pierce[at]