Wednesday July 16th Summary of the Day for the Uptown Summer Program

-The Youth Change Makers start the morning watching videos and learning technical techniques such as framing and composition. They leaned how to properly set up a photograph or video shot by examining certain photographic and cinematic procedures such as the Rule of Thirds.



-Ethan provided a lesson about how to shoot video on the DSLR Cameras. He focused on teaching the youth how to properly adjust several settings on the camera, focusing on the ISO and the F-Stop.


This followed with the youth working together, as well as with their mentors and volunterrs, to continue to paint the front facade of The Sanctuary for Independent Media, led by Troy Alley Action’s Barb Nelson.  



-They continued painting the base of the Sanctuary brown representing soil, as it will soon be a mural of the Tree Of Life. The youth also started to work on the trim of the windows and doors as they painted it white.



-Lunch today made by RPI chef Jackie Baldwin: Grilled chicken with olive oil, fresh corn on the cob served with a variety of butters, and fresh strawberries with chocolate sauce.



– The afternoon session provided a lesson to the youth about how they can make musical instruments out of objects found within their communtity. Objects such as tin cans, plastic containers, and even wheels were used to make music.


-They particularly enjoyed this workshop as they combined the different found objects from their community with their strong musical interests.