Underground gallery shows

What Is Seeing?

The Raft by the Seeing With Photography CollectiveThe Seeing with Photography Collective is a group of photographers based in New York City who are visually impaired, sighted and blind.

They follow a unique process to create their work:

Sighted assistants focus and compose the camera’s frame, directed by the blind artist. Then, in a darkened room, they leave the camera’s shutter open and slowly paint their sitter with a small flashlight. Luminous distortions and blurred or glowing forms result from the technique, not digital altering.

The nature of the artists’ visual limitations can provoke any viewer or perceiver of these portraits: Is less, more? What is seeing? What does one choose to see?

The Seeing with Photography Collective’s work has been exhibited worldwide and can be seen in the book Shooting Blind, published by Aperture.

Don’t miss their afternoon Be The Media! workshop and evening in-person presentation with the Daniel Kelly Trio at the gallery opening on Saturday, May 9.