What Is Kitchen Sanctuary?

What is Kitchen Sanctuary? Kitchen Sanctuary is a place where go can go to find comfort, connection, laughter, all because of the love for food. Whether you are just making the food or eating it. Think about it when you have a get together at home mostly everyone gathers in the kitchen first then moves on to the living room. That is exactly what happens here at The Sanctuary For Independent Media.

The love for their community has brought them all together, through the gardens that they have planted, grown and harvest. The Sanctuary For Independent Media has educational workshops for their community, to teach them about the soil and how to grow and take care of a garden, but mostly to get their community involved with one another and build a strong community. This gives people of all ages the opportunity that get involved a sense of acomplishment that makes them feel proud for what they have grown and where they live. Then the day arrives when it’s time to havest the garden.

The Sanctuary For Independent Media holds a big event with music and food at Freedom Square.

Everyone from the community brings a potluck dinner from everything they have grown in their garden. Forming relationships, comfort, laughter and security, through the love of food.