Underground Gallery

World War 3 Illustrated show is almost up!

This past weekend we had two members of the incredible World War 3 Illustrated collective here to hang their show in underground gallery, our upstairs gallery, the cafe, the main Sanctuary space, the stairs …

There was so much art to behold, and to be organized, laid out, measured, hung, and given a proper sign, that it took several volunteers, artists, and significant others two full days and more wallspace than our galleries contained to get it all up.

posters on table

We passed around a point-and-shoot digital camera, snapping around 100 photos during the installation; I’ve included a selection of them below as a Picasa slideshow. (Click READ MORE to see the slideshow, or you can go directly to our album at Picasa to leave comments or download copies.)

Another option: If you prefer your internet with one less step of corporate mediation, you can view the gallery through our own kinda clunky interface here.

We’re still not quite done hanging and labeling. But fear not, everything will be in place for the opening night (Monday, Feb. 22, when our first film is shown)!

Also, mega huge thanks to all volunteers who pitched in this weekend: Bob, Mark, Olivia, Andrew, Nao, Dick, Timothy, Nicole, Jay, Branda, Louisa, Andy, and anyone I’m forgetting. Thanks also to Rebecca Migdal and Seth Tobocman, members of the WW3 Illustrated group who figured out where everything should go and patiently directed us.