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YMS '12 Day 1 Recap

Summer 2012 is here, which means a new group of Youth Media Sanctuary workers have joined the Sanctuary team to spend the next five weeks learning how to create their own media. This summer YMS has teamed up with Collard City Growers just a few steps away from the Sanctuary to host and document DIY Snack shops using fresh garden ingredients. The goal this summer is to create media that aligns with the Sanctuary’s typical work and to increase nutrition awareness for a young generation that is exposed to unhealthy eating habits, according to supervisor Branda Miller.

Collard City Growers is a grassroots demonstration garden that the community has helped sprout up in a vacant lot. This summer they have three Youth Summer Employment members that are being led by Abby Lublin.

Helping to bring everything together is local photojournalist Ellie Markovitch. On day one Ellie dived right into lessons, teaching the youth about interview techniques and leading them on a DIY Snack video shoot. Click here to see the zucchini and squash spaghetti DIY Snack recipe.

Our two youths, Greg Darnley and Denise Delvalle, come from within the city of Troy and join nine other peers as part of the Youth Summer Employment. Neither have had experience working with cameras or editing media, and until now neither have visited the Sanctuary before. By the end of day one they have shot one snack video ready to be edited during post-production on Thursday, when they will learn how to edit their clips together using Final Cut Pro software to make a video available on SanctuaryTV. The goal by the end of the five weeks is for the youth to produce 10 videos total.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to get to know our team members more closely.

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