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YMS '12 Day 2 Recap

Day two at the Youth Media Sanctuary started with the team hard at work to prepare for the first Community Chef cooking show. The team banded together, working out logistics and solving problems with production to put together a spectacular display in the end.

Video production can be complicated. The team learned this first hand while trying to transform the Sanctuary kitchen into a television set. When a difficult lighting issue arised, team member Ellie brought the team together for a break to share a story about what motivates her and how to deal with stressful situations. Growing up in Brazil, Ellie’s family kitchen always smelled of cooking. Her family would come together for an hour a day to share a meal together. “I try to recreate that feeling in every kitchen I come across,” she explained. She went on to tell a story about visiting Ukraine with her husband and young child and running around worried about missing her train in an unknown area. She found it easy to deal with that feeling by taking the advice of her father-in-law, who explained that in Russia people sit down and calmly think when they are confronted with similar situations.

Each Wednesday the Sanctuary is playing host to the other Youth Employment workshops, including Collard City Growers, the Troy Bike Rescue, and Pastor Willie’s Missing Link. A “community chef” is brought in to share their personal recipes, star in the cooking show, and feed the teams. The process, of course, is being documented by the Sanctuary team for a cooking show, and the waste produced from the meals is going into the Collard City Grower’s compost pile.

This week’s community chef was Dawn Graham, who brought her easy to make “energy bombs” recipe. The result was then brought upstairs for a community meal where other Summer Youth Employment teams had assembled. Click here to see the Energy Bomb recipe.

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