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YMS '12 Day 4 Recap

The Youth Media Sanctuary is back for week two after having edited and completed their first Neighborhood Chef video on Thursday. (Watch that video here)

The team was excited to have finished their first video and watch it together. Now, having worked on planning, shoooting, and editing a video, they were full of questions and new ideas.

We welcomed two new summer employment youths, Kira Derocher, 18 years old, and Daevon Mitchell, 14 years old, both of Troy. Here they are jumping right in to start working on production with Greg during Ellie’s DIY Snack Shop #2. Today’s snack was Seven Layer Fruit Parfait using fresh fruit and homemade yogurt. (click here for the recipe)

This morning Branda and Ellie led a workshop on cutaways and the 180 degree rule of filmmaking, two tools that were later used in the field. Sanctuary intern Vanessa shared this helpful video to explain the rule:



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