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YMS '12 Day 5 Recap

People around the world joined together today to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 94th birthday. Mandela served the communities of South Africa for 67 years, fighting for peace everywhere from prison – to presidency – to the Nobel Peace Prize stage. To show their honor to the good deeds done by Mandela, communities joined together to perform 67 minutes of good deeds. Today was no different for the team at the Sanctuary, who spend numerous hours a week performing and documenting good deeds in their neighborhood. Mandela’s birthday was discussed during a group meeting and was in the back of everyones heads as they prepared another community lunch – with a surprise visit from a local family that stopped in for some food and an escape from the hot summer air outside.

Today did see a major change for the team as the youth were “passed the baton”, according to supervisor Branda Miller, to start working on their own choices for cuts and pans while videotaping today’s Neighborhood Chef episode. Christine Earhart joined us today to serve as the host of Neighborhood Chef episode #2 with two recipes using fresh kale. (for today’s recipes, click here) The youth helped out in the kitchen and with filming, but when it came to eating the kale they were at first hesitant. Abby Lublin from Collared City Growers, where kale is planted and harvested right down the block from the Sanctuary, reminded everyone that their taste buds may change and they can’t complain until they try it. In the end the three tables holding the massive community lunch was mostly empty and no complaints were heard.

We also welcomed one new summer youth employee and two new volunteers. Our team is growing every day as people in the neighborhood and program begin to hear about the opportunities for healthy eating, learning, and media-making going on at the Sanctuary this summer.

Ellie led the team in a Brazilian Ginga dance, which she explained was a way “to look at the world in a different way,” much like she wanted the team to keep in mind as they started to film another episode. “It’s a beautiful philosophy to make a part of our lives.”

Now the youth are energized to catch up on editing during post-production tomorrow and the rest of the team is excited to see them take more initiative in filming and producing.