YMS ’12 visit: WGXC "Radio Explosion!"


Today the Sanctuary was excited to have WGXC stop by for an episode of their “Radio Explosion” youth media radio show. WGXC is a “community-run media project, re-envisioning radio as an innovative platform for local participation.”

The young radio producers, along with supervisor Sara Kendall, joined the Sanctuary team at Collared City Growers for a DIY Snack Shop, had conversations with each other about issues that effect them, and then had extended interviews in the Sanctuary basement about media in their lives. The radio producers then went to Troy Bike Rescue to speak to more Summer Youth Employees and members of the public. Topics included living in South Troy, making media, and racism on television.


Click here to listen to their last Sanctuary episode: Audio Montage: NY Shout Out! Youth Media Workshop & Festival April 28, 2012