News Workshop Report

YMS @ TVHS: March 3, 2011

YMS Peer Trainers Kayleara Miller and Antonio Pabon, along with “Be the Media” Coordinator Abby Lublin, visited Tech Valley High School to present their video, “North Troy Rough Cut.”



Today at Tech Vally we showed our film and had to stand up and talk about it.  I’m not very good at public speaking so I was kind of nervous, but it was really fun and a wonderful experience.


It was pretty chill talkin’ bout something I worked on in front of a bunch of kids, because when we talked about it to adults it blew.  So yea, that was pretty sweet!

Reflections widen my perspectives of the challenges facing the young people in the Capital Region and the community at large.  Personally it made me appreciate the community I grew up in and the experiences I have had.  What was missing, more important, who was missing?


I witnessed the accomplishments of our Youth Media Sancxtuary peer trainers, Kayleara and Antonio, who got up in front of the entire Tech Vally High School to present their work.  TVHS was blown away– they experienced first hand the power of youth media!  Antonio got a big laugh out of the audience, which was fun. Plus, they audience posed excellent questions to Kayleara and Antonio, about how real the video was… and they responded, it was all REAL.

After the presentation in the auditorium, Antonio and Kayleara went into Mr. Coolidge’s Art Class, where YMS is working with the students as they produce 5 videos for the Project VoiceScape: Capital Region Youth Voices project.  In the classroom, each of the students wrote reflections and questions about the video.  Considering that the TVHS students are embarking on their own creative productions,  the YMS Peer Trainers offered valuable wisdom and expertise about how to take your original ideas and shape them into a script.  Antonio and Kayleara were clear, well informed, and an inspiration.